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Released: Jul 29, 2010
Updated: Aug 2, 2010 by amaresh_jois
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Source Code 51degrees.mobi_Foundation_Source_0.1.10.2
source code, 1140K, uploaded Jul 30, 2010 - 152 downloads

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Application 51degrees.mobi_Detection_Sample_0.1.10.2
application, 1521K, uploaded Jul 30, 2010 - 116 downloads
Example MVCMobileDetect
example, 1203K, uploaded Jul 30, 2010 - 106 downloads
Example 51degrees.mobi_Enhance_0.1.10.2
example, 965K, uploaded Jul 30, 2010 - 109 downloads

Release Notes

Apart fom the previous releases we had in the past, this is the first Codeplex release. The following are the updates in this release
  • Changed RegexSegmentHandler, and other methods to ensure the Provider.GetUserAgent method is called to determine the useragent ensuring header fields containing transcoder useragent strings are included. This was causing a problem with some versions of Opera.
  • mobilePagesRegex of fiftyOne\redirect configuration element is now not case sensitive.
  • Handler changed to check for the UAProf value correctly.
  • Javascript support is now initially detected from the Http request headers Accept field. The WURFL database has to confirm the device supports Javascript before it is marked as enabled. In other words both the Accept header and WURFL need to indicate Javascript support. This double check improves accuracy and prevents Javascript being used with devices that have Javascript manually disabled in configuration.
  • To overcome an extremely rare issue where the useragent is set to an empty value the Cache classes Contains and GetTryParse methods have been changed to detect for null keys and return false or null respectively. Provider classes GetDeviceInfo methods changed to detect for null or empty useragent values.
  • Moved Transcoder header constants from Provider class to DeviceConstants class for consistency and better reuse.
  • Modified DetectorModule to enable IsFirstTime to be accessed from other internal classes.
  • IsFirstRequest session key is now a constant.
  • DetectorModule no longer generates a security exception when accessing the ClientTargetsSection of the application configuration when run in medium trust. Note: client targets cannot be used when in medium trust. This should not become a major issue as very few web applications make use of client targets.
  • OnBeginRequest has been added to the DetectorModule to override the device capabilities before a handler or state is assigned. Overriding these later in page processing was resulting in some minor problems for sessions configured to use auto detection of cookie support.
  • The OnPostAcquireRequestState event in the DetectorModule is used to ensure the session is available if enabled reducing the number of cookies sent to the mobile device. The event is responsible for redirection only.
  • OnPreRequestHandlerExecute event is used to determine if clienttarget support is required for pages and enable the interception of the page PreInit event to set the device capabilities.
  • A new method called IsRestrictedPageForRedirect has been added to the DetectorModule class which will prevent the redirection of requests to the forms authentication login page in addition to the mobile home page.
  • File names will now operate correctly with UNC settings.
  • Wurfl.MobileCapabilities class has been changed to prioritise XHTML render types over HTML where they are supported even if the device prefers to use HTML.
  • Eight new WURFL capabilities has been added and exposed as properties.
    • MetaViewportSupported: Is the 'Viewport' META tag supported
    • MetaHandHeldFriendlySupported: Checks the META tag. Check if the device prevent the browser from trying to adapt the page to fit the mobile screen
    • MetaMobileOptimizedSupported: Checks the META tag. Check if the device prevent the browser from trying to adapt the page to fit the mobile screen
    • CssSpriting: Check if the device can refer to pictures and use them in different circimstances as backgounds.
    • CssSupportsWidthAsPercentage: Checks if the device work when CSS defined as percentage
    • CssBorderImageSupport: Check which Css group provides border image support for Css
    • CssGradientSupport: Check which Css group provides gradient support for Css
    • CssRoundedCornerSupport: Check which Css group provides rounded corner support for Css

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