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Multiple temporary files / streams created


When I start the application I get multple .tmp files and log entries of the following

Creating stream provider from binary data file
Created provider from binary data file
Errors trying to delete temporary file because it is open in another process

I had 4 of these at first, I shut down IIS deleted these files, restarted IIS and now I have 7 of them. When I run on test machine I only get 1 stream/file. Is this normal?

Using .net 3.5 and IIS6


Joseph51Degrees wrote Mar 27 at 2:19 PM

Apologies for not picking this up sooner. It appears to have slipped through our net somehow.

Now that we are a few versions down the line, can you confirm that this is still a problem?
I will close the issue for now, but it will be re-opened pending your response.

Joseph51Degrees wrote Mar 27 at 2:19 PM

** Closed by Joseph51Degrees 03/27/2017 6:19AM