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Released: Jul 27, 2012
Updated: Aug 1, 2012 by jwrosewell
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Release Notes

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The following changes have been made since release (

Changes to Version

1. RedirectionConstants.cs now contains a constant called AllowAlreadyAccessedCookie which can be used to turn off the use of cookies for tracking subsequent requests to the web site. Setting this constant to false enables compliance with EU Cookie Law.
2. The TranscoderUserAgentHeaders constant in DetectionConstants.cs now defaults to an empty array to force all detections to use the main User-Agent header provided by the browser.
3. Under some configurations previous versions were interfering with OutputCache rules. Changes have been made to prevent a cookie being written to the output stream unless the redirect element is enabled and FirstRequestOnly attribute is set to true. Cookies can be turned off completely by changing the value of AllowAlreadyAccessedCookie to false.

Changes to Version

1. Support.cs has been changed to address a further problem with the use of the <location> element in the web.config which was preventing premium data from being loaded in some configurations.

Changes to Version

1. NewDevice.cs altered to check HttpResponse and WebExecptions to disable background thread if a fatal response is returned.

Changes to Version

1. Dispose method of NewDevice.cs now checks for null _thread before querying thread state.
2. Location.cs altered to return the correct url for redirection when matchExpression used.
3. The machine.config path will not be used as the machine.config file by Support.cs when accessing the alternative configuration file when running in medium trust. Therefore, medium trust and inheritInChildApplications attribute cannot be used together. In situations where inheritInChildApplications must be false, and medium trust used the configuration should be moved from the file to the web.config file.

Changes to Version

1. Altered the GetIsCrawler method in MobileCapabilities.cs to return null if no value for IsCrawler is provided. Previously the method returned false breaking values provided via the BrowserCap file.
2. Enhanced Xml/Reader.cs to reduce the number of byte objects created when decompressing zipped XML files.
3. Altered Location.cs GetUrl method to remove replacement string tags {0} from the new url if no values were found to replace them.
4. Changed NewDevice.cs RecordNewDevice method to check for zero length byte arrays and not add them to the queue.
5. Reduced the volume of integer arrays created in the EditDistance routines to improve memory management and performance.
6. Modified DetectorModule.cs SetPreferredRenderingType method to use an Equals check rather than == for string comparison.
7. Optimised using statements across all classes.
8. Refactored code and project files to support MSBuild with .NET versions 2, 3.5 and 4. Previously 2 would not compile.
9. RedirectModule.cs IsFirstTime method changed to public.
10. Support.cs changed to include a static constructor to obtain the machine.config file path. This value is then used in place of the web.config file when setting the machine configuration file path in other methods. This addresses problems reported with use of the <location path="." inheritInChildApplications="false"> element in configuration files.
11. A NewDevice instance is created for each module instance.

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