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Released: May 9, 2012
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Release Notes

One Click Install from NuGet

Data Changes

  • Includes 42 new browser properties in both the Lite and Premium data sets.
  • Premium Data includes many new devices including Nokia Lumia 900, BlackBerry 9220 and HTC One, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 range and Samsung Galaxy S III.
  • Lite data includes devices released in January 2012.

Changes to Version

1. The IsFirstTime method of the RedirectModule will now return the same value when called multiple times for the same request. This was preventing some configurations from correctly redirecting everytime.

Changes to Version

1. Resolves the possibility of a detection request failing when the provider is under heavy load in a multithreaded environment immediately following initialisation.
2. List flag added in the Property Dictionary to indicate properties that return multiple values.
3. CLDC and MIDP properties added to Premium Data and the UI components.

Changes to Version

1. Added SupportSsl/Tls property to the UI components.
2. A new constant called StoreSegmentResults has been added to the Detection constants file. It defaults to true and will improve detection performance; however slightly more memory will be used. The default value is true. If the server is memory constrained this constant should be set to false.
3. The RecordNewDevice method in the RedirectModule will now explicitly call IsFirstTime to reduce the number of requests generated.
4. Fixed a problem with the activate UI error message when the licence file cannot be written.
5. When the premium data file is updated a dummy file will be written to the bin folder to force all worker processes to reset and load the new data.

Changes to Version

1. [assembly: AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers] has been added back into the AssemblyInfo.cs file to prevent failures with other assemblies in Medium trust environments.
2. The Lite data embedded into the assembly has been updated to include devices from December 2011. The 42 new RingMark properties will return Unknown if RingMark data is not available.

Changes to Version

1. The project is now licenced under the Mozilla Public Licence 2.

2. User interface control and associated data access layer classes have been added to aid developers integrating into wider projects such as content management systems or web hosting management solutions. Use the following in a web form or user control to access these new UI components.

<%@ Register Assembly="FiftyOne.Foundation" Namespace="FiftyOne.Foundation.UI.Web" TagPrefix="fiftyOne" %>

The following would be used to display the activate user control.

<fiftyOne:Activate runat="server" ID="Activate" />

See the Detector Web Site sample for an implementation example.

User controls are provided for Premium Data activation, redirect management, uploading data files, summary statistics about the device data currently in use, browsing Premium Device data, and displaying a dictionary of properties and associated values.

3. Inclusion of Meta data associated with the active dataset enabling property and value meanings to be determined programmatically. The following code can be used to return a collection of properties and values available in the active application domain.

var props = FiftyOne.Foundation.Mobile.Detection.Factory.ActiveProvider.Properties;

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